Why Torri’s Legal Services?

Providing Exceptional Legal Services Since 1990

Since 1990, Torri’s Legal Services has provided superior service to law firms and independent clients across the country and internationally. We firmly believe in every person’s Fifth Amendment right to due process. Because of this belief, we are committed to providing nothing less than exceptional service to all our clients.

We deliver what we promise.

If we have told you we will serve a defendant, we will work our absolute hardest to fulfill that promise. We are honest about our capabilities and our service, and we always serve your documents with integrity. But we are not afraid to be aggressive when necessary, making sure your documents get served on time.

We answer our phones 24/7, and your emails receive a response within 2 hours. Our team is here to save you time and money. In fact, our job is to make your job easy, and our work is 100% guaranteed.

We use innovative solutions.

Sometimes, serving process or tracking down a hard-to-find witness means more than just walking up to a house and knocking on a front door. At Torri’s Legal Services, we’ve served documents through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We’ve caught up with defendants and witnesses by purchasing tickets to an event or conference we knew the person planned to attend. And, with court orders, we have served process via text message.

We use the latest technology.

In an effort to better serve our clients and keep you informed of the progress of your service, we provide email and GPS confirmation of successful service. In addition, if we can’t find the person you’re trying to serve, we have access to extensive databases full of information. We use this technology to help us locate those witnesses and defendants who try hard not to be found. Our high success rate at finding and serving people is a testament to the power of our available technology and our team’s dedication to providing exceptional customer service.

We can serve anywhere.

Some process service companies only serve papers within a limited area, making it difficult to find someone who can reliably serve your documents nationwide. At Torri’s Legal Services, our experienced team is able to serve defendants and witnesses in all 50 states and most foreign countries. We have served papers and retrieved court documents from China, England, and France, among others, crossing the globe to do what’s necessary for our clients. We also don’t limit our service to the “average Joe”: We’ve served Senators, actors, and athletes, along with other high-profile people. Whoever you need served, we’ll find them.

We care about the environment.

Torri’s Legal Services is a nearly paperless environment. We commit to saving as many trees we can while still providing you with the exceptional service you require. In fact, we only provide paper copies when requested or when required by law. Our team largely works to keep as much of our work digital as possible.

We give back.

In addition to providing exceptional customer service to our clients, Torri’s Legal Services believes that every company can make a real, lasting impact in the world. Whether it’s providing clean water in Africa or funding hot meals to the poor, every business can be a force for good. Our participation in the B1G1 Initiative is just one of the many ways the team at Torri’s Legal Services gives back to communities close to home and around the world through our work.

Serving Clients Throughout the United States & Internationally

At Torri’s Legal Services, we offer a variety of legal services to clients across the globe. Whether you need process service, skip tracingdocument retrieval, Supreme Court filing, or genealogical services, we can help. The skilled team at Torri’s Legal Services can meet – and exceed – your expectations. Contact us 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, to discuss your needs.

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