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Defendants – and witnesses – often don’t want to be found. They don’t want anything to do with the legal process, and they’ll do what it takes to stay under the radar. But your client deserves justice, and you need those defendants and witnesses so the process can continue. Rather than spending hours searching through online directories and chasing small leads, wasting your staff’s time, trust the experienced team at Torri’s Legal Services. We offer expert skip tracing across the nation.

Thanks to our high-tech, proprietary databases and software, we can scour thousands of records – utility bills, phone books, and public court records, to name a few – to get the contact information you need.

Skip tracing is beneficial in a variety of situations, including:

  • Lawyers can use skip tracing to find defendants in civil lawsuits or child support cases, or witnesses for deposition. 
  • Collection agencies can locate and validate contact information for debtors. This increases the likelihood the debt will be paid.
  • Bounty Hunters can use skip tracing to track down a fugitive.
  • Banks and Lending Institutions can track debtors with unpaid loan balances.
  • Journalists can find difficult-to-locate sources, leading to better reporting.

At Torri’s Legal Services, we leverage our access to high-quality databases to track down information, interview people, and follow what may seem like a very slim lead in order to find the person you need found.

We also help you find information on businesses that may have changed their names or locations, making it difficult for creditors, former employees, or potential defendants to find them. Our services make your work more efficient, effective, and profitable. We allow justice to be better served than ever before.

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