Serving Eviction Notices

Being a landlord is full of potential pitfalls. The necessity of evicting tenants is one of the major worries many landlords have.

There are a variety of reasons you may need to evict a tenant from your property, including:

  • Non-payment of rent
  • Criminal activity
  • Repeated rule-breaking
  • Violation of the lease agreement

After you’ve given the tenant all the required opportunities to remedy the situation and remain a tenant, you may elect to begin the formal eviction process.

In most states, this process begins by serving your tenant with an eviction notice. 

How to Serve Eviction Notices

Serving an eviction notice can be done in one of several ways, including:

  • Handing it directly to the tenant
  • Giving it to someone who lives with the tenant and is over the state-specified age
  • Mailing it by certified or registered mail with a return receipt
  • Posting it on the door (when the property is empty)

Once an eviction notice is served, Proof of Service must be filled out correctly and signed in front of a notary public. If you skip this step of the process, a court can determine that the eviction notice was not delivered legally, and your case will be thrown out.

While some landlords opt to serve their own election notices, many choose to have them served by a professional process server.

Why Use a Process Server for Eviction Notices?

Serving eviction notices is easy, right? Why do I need a professional process server to give my tenants their eviction notices?

There are a variety of reasons opting for professional process service is ideal, including:

Saves You Time

Your job as a landlord keeps you busy. Having to spend a bunch of time tracking down your tenants – many of whom probably know they’re getting evicted and are purposely avoiding you – is just another part of the to-do list.

Trusting a professional whose sole job is to serve your eviction notices with this job means you don’t have to waste your own time on the task.

It Gets Done The Right Way

Like any legal process, the eviction process requires careful execution in order for your case to proceed. As professionals, process servers know how to properly serve eviction notices and any follow-up paperwork. We guarantee a properly executed service so that your case can continue without a hitch.

Decreases Tensions

Serving eviction notices can be stressful to both the landlord and the tenant. Because of this, handing over an eviction notice can be tense and may even turn violent.

Having a third party serve your eviction notices can help diffuse these tensions. While your tenants still might be upset, the fact that you aren’t the one handing it over may make the situation a little less awful for everyone involved.

Nationwide Eviction Notice Service of Process from Torri’s Legal Services

At Torri’s Legal Services, our team has years of experience serving eviction notices and other legal documents. We complete the job right the first time, preserving your case and helping the process move forward more smoothly. Call today for a quote!

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