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Service of Process, Skip Tracing, & More for Delaware Law Firms

Finding reliable legal services help can be challenging. Let’s say you’re trying to find a new provider of skip tracing, service of process, or document retrieval in Delaware. How do you know what company will do the work you need and which is just a fly-by-night scheme?

For more than 25 years, Torri’s Legal Services has offered exceptional support services to law firms of all types and sizes, all across the country. Our team of dedicated legal services professionals provides our clients with:

We carefully screen each potential process server prior to employment, finding those with a sincere commitment to the job and the client.

You need your Summons served fast, or that defendant found today. Our team puts your needs first and swiftly completes your task so you can move on with your case.

For exceptional civil service of process, document retrieval, skip tracing, and more, contact Torri’s Legal Services today!

National & International Process Serving for Law Firms in Delaware

Your legal documents that need service are like ticking time bombs. They have to be properly served by a certain deadline or it could tank your entire case. Local sheriffs’ offices are inexpensive choices for this service, but they’re often busy with law enforcement duties.

To make sure that the documents get to the right people within the right time frame, you need a professional process server who can get the job done.

Our process servers are highly trained in all aspects of the job. This includes identifying the correct parties to be served, safely executing service, and filling out and filing affidavits. So you can trust that your documents will get where they need to go.

After your request for service, we are in frequent communication with you via email or phone, updating you on the status of your service. If there are any issues finding the person, we let you know right away and can perform a skip trace to locate them. Once service has been executed, we send you notification via email, and properly file any paperwork.

We have years of experience serving a variety of documents, including:

  • Summons
  • Complaints
  • Subpoenas for Deposition
  • Subpoenas for Testimony
  • Forcible Detainers
  • Collections letters
  • And many more

Because laws in states and countries vary, we make sure to stay on top of the laws in your jurisdiction and the jurisdiction where you need service. Whether your documents are going around the corner or across the globe, Torri’s Legal Services gets them there every time. Call today for a quote!

Skip Tracing for Delaware Law Firms

No matter how hard you try, it isn’t always possible to find every person you need for your case every single time. People move, change jobs, get married or divorced, or die, leaving your ability to locate them in limbo.

Whether you need to find a defendant to serve and initiate a civil case, locate a witness to take a deposition, or serve a judgement, getting accurate, up-to-date contact information is crucial.

You could take this job in-house, putting a paralegal or law clerk on the case. But this takes up valuable time that could be spent on other matters, which puts your firm farther behind on work. And without the right tools at their fingertips, your employees could spend hours or even days trying to find a current address for one witness.

This isn’t a good business decision for your law firm.

Instead, find a company with access to vast proprietary databases that can track a person’s last known address, phone number, and name to get the information you need in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of having a paralegal do the legwork.

At Torri’s Legal Services, we leverage powerful industry databases to help find the people you need to find. Whether you’re looking for a defendant, witness, missing heir, beneficiary, or legatee, we’ve got the resources to get your information quickly so you can move on with your case.

Our team is in frequent contact with you while we run your skip trace, so you will be the first to know if we run into any road blocks. Your satisfaction is always our #1 priority. Contact us today for a quote!

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