3 Reasons You Need Torri's Legal Services When Filing with the Supreme Court

Preparing to argue a case before the Supreme Court requires a great deal of work, including preparing your argument and writing briefs and motions. Making sure your filings comply with Supreme Court Rule 33 should be the least of your concerns. Here are 3 reasons you need Torri’s Legal Services when filing with the Supreme Court:

We Know the Rules

Supreme Court Rule 33 contains a whole host of rules and requirements for filing briefs and motions with the Court. And if these requirements aren’t followed to the letter, your filing will be rejected. Some of the rules for filings with the Supreme Court include:

  • Filings must be printed on non-standard paper, measuring 6 1/8” x 9 1/4”.
  • Each page must include margins of at least 3/4” on all sides, producing a text field of 4 1/8” x 7 1/8”.
  • Document covers must be on paper in a color appropriate for each type of document.
  • 40 copies of each document must be filed.

Our team is familiar with the Supreme Court’s rules, and we know how to follow them accurately, efficiently, and within your budget.

It Frees You Up for the Important Work

Because we take care of making sure all the rules for formatting, printing, and binding are followed, your only concern is to make sure your arguments are air-tight. Preparing to argue before the Supreme Court is stressful enough. No need to spend your time with technical and administrative tasks.

We’ve Filed with the Supreme Court Before

At Torri’s Legal Services, we have years of experience preparing documents and filing with the Supreme Court. Over time, we’ve figured out the best way to get your briefs and motions ready for filing in as little time as possible. We know what paper to use, what typeface is necessary, and what color cover each type of filing requires. Especially if you’re new to Supreme Court work, our experience can put your mind at rest – at least when it comes to filing.

Work with a team seasoned in Supreme Court filing

The team at Torri’s Legal Services is committed to making sure any document you ask us to serve – Supreme Court filing, Summons, or Subpoena in a civil case – is served promptly and correctly, every time. Our experience in the process service and document preparation industry means you can be sure your document will get into the right hands with time to spare. Contact us today for more information on our Supreme Court filing services.

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