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Navigating Toll Violations: How Process Service Can Help Resolve Issues

Toll violations can be a frustrating ordeal for motorists, leading to hefty fines, potential legal consequences, and headaches in resolving the matter. Whether it’s an accidental oversight or a dispute over the charges, navigating through toll violations requires careful attention and swift action. Fortunately, process service can offer invaluable assistance…

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Going Global: International Service of Process Explained

In today’s interconnected world legal matters often transcend borders, requiring parties to navigate the complexities of international service of process. Whether serving legal documents in a foreign country for litigation, arbitration, or other legal proceedings, understanding the intricacies of international service of process is essential. Let’s delve into the fundamentals…

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How To Serve Process Electronically

These days, most aspects of life include some online interaction or influence. This includes the vital duty of process serving. Digital process serving (also known as electronic service, or eService) can be used as a last resort to reach particularly elusive defendants or witnesses. This is how we serve process electronically….

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Navigating Legal Waters: Serving Process to a Bank Effectively

When serving process to a bank, a unique set of considerations arises in each case due to the institution’s size, structure, and adherence to regulations. There are several considerations and steps for effectively serving legal documents to a bank. Following correct procedures can be a large factor in determining the…

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3 Useful Emerging Technologies for Process Servers

The legal profession—process serving included—has made great strides over the last couple of decades in integrating new technology into the law. From computers to GPS tracking, service by social media to sophisticated databases, our work has become quicker and more complex. However, that doesn’t mean that process serving is going…

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Can a Registered Agent Still Be Served if an Entity Terminates?

The rules for serving an individual are fairly straightforward, even though they vary from state to state and are based on specific situations. For example, if an individual is deceased, obviously a process server can no longer deliver papers to the decedent. However, with a corporation or other legal entity,…

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How We Serve Papers in a Hospital

While most of the time process servers deliver papers to a subject’s home, that isn’t always the case. If your defendant or witness is in the hospital, it can create a unique challenge. Here’s what you need to know about serving papers to someone in a hospital: Check State Laws…

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Process Server Portrayals in the Media vs. Real Life

Hollywood is known to be a magical place where anything can happen. But that doesn’t mean that everything we see on the screen is true to life. In fact, most of the time it is highly exaggerated.  This is especially true for easily misunderstood jobs, such as process serving. In…

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