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Common Apostille Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

When it comes to validating documents for international use, obtaining an apostille is crucial. An apostille is a special certificate issued by the competent authority in a country, confirming the authenticity of a document. However, the process of obtaining an apostille can be intricate, and errors in the process can…

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5 Tips for Getting Started With Genealogy Research at Home

Digging up information on ancestors is a hobby for many, whether they’re motivated by a need to find their lost relatives or they just really want to learn more about their family history. And while all the big, fancy databases certainly make genealogy research much easier, it also can put…

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Tips to Get Started With Your Genealogy Search

Our past shapes who we are and how we came to be. We all have a story to tell and genealogy can help us tell our stories with more detail. Whether you are trying to learn more about your family lineage or hunt down your family’s medical history, genealogy can…

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A Successful Search for Grandpa

One of our clients was curious about her grandfather, a grandfather she did not know. All she knew about him was that he grew up in Iowa, married a woman who would later become her grandmother, and moved to Maryland in 1942 after the birth of our client’s father. Sometime…

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New Genealogical Services!

Torri’s Legal Services accommodates the needs of its clients. Therefore we at Torri’s Legal Services are particularly excited to announce the expansion of our genealogy division. We have been performing genealogy and forensic genealogy services for several years now and requests for such service from our clients has grown. While researching a…

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