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How Do Process Servers Find Evasive Subjects?

Being a process server is not an easy job. Tracking someone down and delivering their legal paperwork can take a lot of skill, especially if that person does not want to be found. Indeed, people expecting to be sued, evicted, divorced, or have some other legal action taken against them…

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How Skip Tracing Can Help Your Real Estate Business

Imagine this – you’re driving or walking down the road, and you spot an excellent lot to add to your real estate portfolio. Maybe it’s an empty lot, or an abandoned house needing a little TLC, or a vacant home in your neighborhood that you’ve had your eye on for…

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Who Needs Skip Tracing Services?

Skip tracing is a common practice in the legal field, as attorneys often must track down defendants and witnesses in court cases. However, skip tracing is a valuable practice to more than just lawyers. It can be a tool used in a variety of areas to help locate people who…

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