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How Do Process Servers Find Evasive Subjects?

Being a process server is not an easy job. Tracking someone down and delivering their legal paperwork can take a lot of skill, especially if that person does not want to be found. Indeed, people expecting to be sued, evicted, divorced, or have some other legal action taken against them…

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How Are Documents Authenticated Outside the US?

In our modern world, it is common for people and businesses to move between countries. As a result, some state and federal paperwork needs to be authenticated for use outside of the United States.  Some paperwork that needs to be authenticated across borders includes: Birth Certificate Marriage Certificate Court Orders…

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How Are Legal Documents Authenticated in the United States?

The documents used in legal proceedings are subject to strict requirements which ensure their authenticity.  In some cases, a signature is enough to verify a document is what it claims to be. But for more official documents, a more thorough process is required. The process for authentication depends on the…

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5 Tips for Being a Better Process Server

Process serving is not an easy job. Tracking people down and delivering legal paperwork to them, particularly if they are avoiding you, can be exhausting work. However, experienced process servers have learned a few tricks of the trade that make the experience a little bit easier. Here are 5 tips…

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What Not to Do When You’re Served Papers

If you are expecting a legal proceeding, such as a divorce, foreclosure, eviction, or lawsuit, you may soon be visited by a process server. This is the person responsible for delivering the paperwork to you and notifying you of your legal obligations.    You may have seen process servers on television…

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The Importance of Due Process and Due Diligence

At Torri’s Legal Services, we take process serving seriously.  We strive to serve our clients’ papers without a hitch. This is not always possible due to various circumstances, such as a bad address, the absence of the recipient, evasion, or death.  We understand that process servers play an integral law…

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9 Important Mobile Apps for Legal Professionals to Learn

With the increasing migration of the legal community to practicing online, especially in the wake of 2020, finding the most reliable, helpful ways to make mobile apps work for your practice is essential. And because there are so many out there – and more making their debuts daily – it…

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4 Scams Targeting Attorneys You Need to Watch for

It seems that, on a nearly daily basis, the news publishes a story about a new scam making the rounds.  From phishing scams that come through email or a caller pretending to be the “Social Security Administration,” individuals need to be on guard for thieves posing to try and lure…

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New SCOTUS Rules Address COVID-19 Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic restricted court operations in the spring of 2020, the United States Supreme Court put into place some new guidance to keep operations as normal as possible but adjust them to keep all parties safer. In November 2020, SCOTUS released similar, updated guidance that impacts how documents…

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