New Genealogical Services!

Torri’s Legal Services accommodates the needs of its clients. Therefore we at Torri’s Legal Services are particularly excited to announce the expansion of our genealogy division. We have been performing genealogy and forensic genealogy services for several years now and requests for such service from our clients has grown. While researching a family history has become easier due to online databases it still takes a professional touch to locate and to gather the details of the past.
As Colleen Fitzpatrick, considered by many to be a founder of forensic genealogy, stated in an interview: “Forensic Genealogy is the study of identity and kinship in legal contexts… The tasks that forensic genealogists address are similar to those dealt with by conventional genealogists – establishing bloodlines, researching family genealogies, using DNA to prove kinship – but with a standard of proof that is acceptable in court.”
Keep in mind that both avenues of researching genealogy, the traditional and the forensic, use the same techniques and resources; the difference is a higher standard of proof achieved through mining of databases, photo analysis, and when needed, DNA analysis. Both approaches also utilize the memories of people. People are always a character in the story and can often be more detailed in nature than records.

Why You Need Torri’s Legal Services

You have matters dealing with clearing real estate titles, locating heirs for probate matters or for determining inheritance rights whether they are known heirs, unknown heirs, or missing heirs. You may have a matter dealing with an issue of fraud expose. Maybe you need to find beneficiaries for trust or insurance distributions. Perhaps you need to find the next of kin in guardianship cases or in matters involving youth transitioning from foster care. Perhaps you have a matter involving civil pensions, social security, or veteran’s benefits.  Maybe your matter involves intellectual property rights or class action claimants. You may need to establish family bloodlines in a variety of matters. And we can do it for you.
At  Torri’s Legal Services, we know that words matter. Words matter because they convey meaning. You can rest assured that even though Torri Legal Services is knee deep in genealogical resources we are never overwhelmed by the abundance of legal terms. We are very familiar with the legal meanings of terms we come across as e sift through marriage licenses, certificate of both birth and death, court records, and other documentation. There is no hesitation as to legal meanings as we sift through words such as Dower, Estate, Grantee, Grantor, Ibid, Infant, Issue, Nee, and Relict.
Torri’s Legal Services can be a valuable resource for you in issues with legal implications that involve a determination of identity, kinship, legal rights, or distributions. Stay tuned for upcoming entries wit helpful hints, potential legal issues, and case studies in matters involving genealogy and the law.

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