4 Reasons Proper Document Service Is Important

Service of process is key to making sure your case proceeds with as few delays as possible. Using a professional process server is one of the best ways to avoid improper service and give you peace of mind.

Here are 4 reasons proper service of documents is important:

Documents Have Expiration Dates

Once a Summons or other official document has been issued, the litigant only has a certain number of days to get it served on the other party before it expires. If that document is not served by the deadline, then the litigant has to start the whole process over again, delaying movement on the case.

Each Jurisdiction’s Rules Are Different

The requirements for serving process differ from one jurisdiction to another. In some, personal service is required. In others, litigants can serve process by mail. Some jurisdictions require process servers to be licensed, while others do not. Knowing the local rules where you’re serving documents is important to effectuating valid service.

Finding the Right Person Isn’t Always Easy

Sometimes the information a litigant has on a defendant or witness isn’t accurate. Additionally, some defendants and witnesses just don’t want to be found, so they attempt to dodge service. It takes skill and specialized, powerful databases and investigative tools to track down people to get them served.

Courts Require Proof of Service

Service isn’t considered valid by the courts until an Affidavit of Service has been filed. This Affidavit must be prepared to conform with local rules, and be filed within a certain amount of time after service has been completed. If this document isn’t filed and isn’t prepared correctly, it can stall the progress on a pending case.

Experienced Nationwide & International Process Servers

At Torri’s Legal Services, we have years of experience serving process in a variety of jurisdictions. We offer speedy, accurate service and, if we can’t find the person you want to serve immediately, we offer skip tracing using professional databases. Contact us today for all your legal services needs.

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