Can You Put Legal Documents in Someone’s Mailbox?

The mail system is often used by process servers and other members of the legal field. You can easily reach a person by locating their home address and sending them the necessary paperwork through the United States Postal Service. Have you ever wondered if it is OK to place legal…

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How Are Legal Documents Authenticated in the United States?

The documents used in legal proceedings are subject to strict requirements which ensure their authenticity.  In some cases, a signature is enough to verify a document is what it claims to be. But for more official documents, a more thorough process is required. The process for authentication depends on the…

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5 Tips for Being a Better Process Server

Process serving is not an easy job. Tracking people down and delivering legal paperwork to them, particularly if they are avoiding you, can be exhausting work. However, experienced process servers have learned a few tricks of the trade that make the experience a little bit easier. Here are 5 tips…

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What Not to Do When You’re Served Papers

If you are expecting a legal proceeding, such as a divorce, foreclosure, eviction, or lawsuit, you may soon be visited by a process server. This is the person responsible for delivering the paperwork to you and notifying you of your legal obligations.    You may have seen process servers on television…

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What Is a Certified Process Server?

Many people who are unfamiliar with the legal field do not fully understand the role and function of a process server.  Simply put, a process server is someone who delivers court papers to another person to notify them of their involvement in a legal case. This is an integral step…

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How Long Does It Take to Serve Child Support Papers?

Divorce is so difficult not only because of the emotional and mental impact of the separation, but also because of the financial stress it creates. This only becomes more complicated when children are involved. This is why the courts have devised a system for separated parents to remain financially responsible…

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What Is a Private Process Server?

When you need legal papers served, you can opt to have them served by the local sheriff’s department, or you can hire a process server. But what is a private process server?  What’s a Private Process Server? A private process server is just another term for a process server.  Rather…

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Process Service Means Thinking Outside the Box

Because we’re located so close to the seat of the U.S. government, our process servers are often asked to serve high-profile clients. Over the years, we’ve been tasked with serving celebrities, sports stars, owners of large corporations, and politicians. In many cases, these individuals are surrounded by a security detail…

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How Long Does It Take to Serve Papers?

One question new clients frequently ask us is: How long will it take to serve my papers? While we always aim to be speedy in our process serving duties, there are a variety of factors that go into how long it takes our team to successfully complete service of process…

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