Why You Should Use a Process Server for Eviction Notices

Dealing with problematic tenants can be difficult. At their best, they can be simply annoying, but at their worst, they could cause huge financial losses or even be dangerous. 

Landlords have the right to evict tenants for non-compliance with the rules of the property. However, this can be a complicated and lengthy process if it is performed incorrectly. 

Luckily, process servers can help. Their job is to notify people of legal action taken against them, including eviction. 

Here are 4 benefits of using a process server to deliver eviction notices:

Avoid Emotional Confrontation

When people learn they must vacate the premises of their rental, they can sometimes get angry or upset. They may even argue or lash out at you, creating a tense situation.

By going through a process server, you avoid this emotional confrontation. The tenant is less likely to take it personally because they understand the server is simply doing his or her job. 

They may also comply more readily when they are notified by a process server. This is because they respect the authority of a legal professional more than their (soon-to-be-ex) landlord. 

Legal Expertise

Different jurisdictions have different laws on how eviction notices must be served. If the process is handled incorrectly, the notification becomes void. 

In some cases, this can even lead to huge legal battles and thousands of dollars in fees.

Process servers are familiar with these guidelines. They have the expertise needed to perform the eviction by the books. They can guarantee the tenant is being legally notified, and you will not be held accountable for any missteps in the process. 

Proof of Service

One of the most common ways the process of eviction can be delayed is if the tenant denies receiving notice. Unfortunately, some people will simply lie to get their way, and if you have no proof to counter their claims, there isn’t much you can do.

Process serving, on the other hand, comes with authenticated proof of service. This is legal evidence that you have properly notified your tenant of the eviction. With this documentation on your side, there is no possible way to manipulate the facts. 


Finally, the biggest benefit to using a process server is convenience. Simply put, it is just easier to hire a professional for a task that you don’t want to do. 

This is especially true if you live a significant distance away from the tenant’s building. You may have to make the trip several times to perform the notice, so it is faster and cheaper to hire a local professional instead. 

Another reason you might need the convenience is if your tenant expects to be evicted. If they recognize you approaching with papers in hand, they are likely to avoid you. But a process server has a much better chance of making contact and delivering the notice. 

Nationwide Same-Day Process Serving

At Torri’s Legal Services, we handle all your process serving so you don’t have to.

We offer nationwide same-day process serving for all your important legal actions. Our professionalism and dedication to duty have kept us around for over 30 years! 

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