Process Service Means Thinking Outside the Box

Because we’re located so close to the seat of the U.S. government, our process servers are often asked to serve high-profile clients.

Over the years, we’ve been tasked with serving celebrities, sports stars, owners of large corporations, and politicians. In many cases, these individuals are surrounded by a security detail or may otherwise be inaccessible to our process servers.

When this happens, it’s important that the team at Torri’s Legal Services thinks outside the box to make sure we get these papers served on time and correctly.

Here are some of the strategies we employ:

Start Early

When we receive a subpoena with a prominent person’s name on it, we know that completing service is likely to be a longer process than serving most other people.

In order to ensure we get the papers served on time, we begin the process of determining just how to go about serving the individual as soon as possible after receiving the subpoena. We don’t want to run up against any deadlines without a real idea of how to get the papers served, so a quick start is necessary.

Ask Around

In one instance, our process server showed up at a high-profile subject’s home to be met with an FBI security detail.

Rather than turn around and head back to the office, our process server simply asked one of the FBI agents how to go about getting the individual served. The agent was able to give our process server directions for the process, and that made our jobs a whole lot easier.

In another instance we had to serve a rock star who was performing at a major event venue. Rather than stalk the person, we contacted security, and they took us right behind stage to serve the star. 

Use Alternative Service

Sometimes, we can’t even get close enough to the person to ask how they prefer to be served with legal documents.

When this happens, we often have to turn to alternative methods of service, such as certified mail. While it’s not an ideal situation, it gets the job done in a pinch.

We’ve also handed papers to members of a high-profile person’s security detail, noting that we delivered the papers to someone over the age of 18 at the address we were given. 

Check the News

There are times when we have to get creative and hunt around to find out where a high-profile subject is currently located.

We check the news sites to see if the individual is traveling or scheduled to appear  at an event, buying tickets or gaining access if necessary. We also have searched social media for the whereabouts of subjects, sometimes even serving them via social media with court approval.

Nationwide Service of Process

At Torri’s Legal Services, we specialize in helping find people who need to be served legal papers, no matter who they are or where they’re at. We work nationally and internationally, getting your subpoenas and other legal paperwork in the right hands, on time. Call today for a quote!

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