A Story of Social Media Process Service

Once we could prove that we had done our best to serve the individual using traditional means, our client went before the court and requested permission to serve the individual via alternative service of process.

In this instance, that order allowed us to send legal papers through social media in an effort to get them to the individual. 

This part of the process is very important; without this court order, our service of the individual could have been ruled invalid.

Registered with a Special Website

In addition to getting permission to attempt service through social media, the court order allowed us to send the papers via email.

Our team registered the service with a specialized website that notifies us when papers have been sent to an email address, and when (or if) the recipient opens that email. 

Again, we documented this entire process, including all notifications from the website regarding this case, to keep our service above board.

Served Via Social Media

Our final step was sending the paperwork to the individual through all known social media channels. In this case, we sent the legal papers to the individual’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Sending the paperwork through these channels gave us the best chances of success in helping our client get the case back on track.

Skilled Nationwide Service of Process

At Torri’s Legal Services, we’ve spent the last few decades honing the craft of tracking down and serving people with legal papers. We work hard to ensure your documents get where they need to be as quickly as possible, and you can be confident we’ll use all methods at our disposal working on your case. We offer exceptional nationwide and international service of process that free you up to do all the other work you need to. Contact us today to discuss your needs!

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