Torri's Legal Services Served a Protective Order by Email and Text Message

We are excited to share with you that we at Torri’s Legal Services effectuated service through text message and email following a court order last month. This is just one of the ways we offer exceptional services to our clients!
Our text message service, a first for us, included 16 images, each a page of the complaint, and a statement directing the defendant to attend a hearing.
After multiple attempts to serve the woman at her home address and workplace proved she was being evasive, District of Columbia Superior Court Judge Laura Cordero ordered that we serve the defendant through text message and email, two methods she was using to harass and stalk the individual seeking the protective order. The harassing included hundreds of emails, phone calls, and text messages.
“I was totally surprised that this was the method the court asked for,” Torri Schaffer said during an interview. “This is just the world of electronics and being connected. I think that for people who are evading service and are electronically savvy this will be a means of alternative service.”
The order included very specific instructions as to how service should be effectuated. Our affidavit included copies of the emails (with receipt notifications) and photographs of the text messages.
The notice of service and court instructions below was included in both the email and text message serve.
The 16 page text message sent to you at 6:49 CONSTITUTES LEGAL SERVICE: You are to appear at DC Superior Court of the District of Columbia 500 Indiana Avenue, Washington DC 20001 in Courtroom 114 on August 4, 2015 at 8:30AM for a hearing on a Civil Protection Order.
This is just one way we are offering exceptional service to our clients. In this case, we worked hard to get an evasive defendant served by closely following an order from the court and working through our first text message serve. While this is not the routine serve or situation, we’re excited to be pioneering a new method of alternative service.
“This is the future for the hard to serve defendants,” Torri Schaffer said. “This is not going away.”
Torri Schaffer was interviewed about the service for an article that breaks down all of the details, including the court order, affidavits, and photographs. You can read more about this serve and case here: “Defendant Served Temporary Protective Order via Text Message”.
If you have questions about alternative service or need a process server who offers exceptional service for every client, email Torri[at] or give us a call at 800-990-SERV(7378) or 202-296-0222 .

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