Genealogy Research in Richmond, VA

Genealogy Research in Richmond, VA

Learning about your family history is rewarding, but it can also be difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating. If, for whatever reason, there are not a lot of records available, the task is almost impossible. Here at Torri’s Legal Services, we provide the most reliable genealogy research and forensic services in Richmond, Virginia.

Whether you want to learn about your ancestors or uncover specific information about the past, a professional genealogy research team can help. 

Why Choose Torri’s Legal Services?

We have access to the latest technology and resources, allowing us to sift through court records, marriage licenses, birth and death records, and other legal documents to help you get the information you need. 

Unlike many other genealogy resources, we use a higher standard of proof, so your answers are sure to be accurate. We work tirelessly mining databases, performing photo analysis, and, when necessary, DNA analysis.

Our genealogy services can help with:

  • Clearing real estate titles
  • Locating heirs
  • Determining inheritance rights
  • Fraud exposure
  • Finding beneficiaries for trust or inheritance distributions
  • Civil pensions
  • Social Security
  • Veteran’s benefits
  • Property rights
  • Class action claimants
  • Establishing family bloodlines
  • And more!

In addition, if you run into legal issues during your genealogy research, such as trouble accessing records, our team can guide you through the roadblocks and help you interpret the documents we uncover.

The experienced team at Torri’s Legal Services can help every step of the way. There is no quest for truth that is too big or too small for us to handle! 

Are you ready to uncover the past? Contact us today for a quote!


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