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How Long Does It Take to Serve Papers?

One question new clients frequently ask us is: How long will it take to serve my papers? While we always aim to be speedy in our process serving duties, there are a variety of factors that go into how long it takes our team to successfully complete service of process…

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How Process Servers Avoid Breaking the Law When Serving Papers

Process serving can be a difficult, dangerous job. It also can be a confusing one, understanding exactly what can and cannot be done when serving papers. Inexperienced process servers can fall into a trap of breaking the laws, especially where there are fine lines between what’s legal and what’s not….

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Process Serving in the Workplace — Your Questions Answered

Most people want to keep their personal and professional lives separate. This is especially true when it involves bringing any legal trouble into the workplace. However, because defendants and witnesses can be difficult to pin down at home for a variety of reasons, sometimes process servers have to resort to…

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What Kinds of Papers Does a Process Server Serve?

Professional process servers are tasked with delivering a variety of legal documents to defendants, witnesses, and entities involved in court cases. But a process server’s job is more than just serving divorce papers and subpoenas. Here are some of the types of legal papers process servers are asked to serve:…

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How to Have Your Documents Served in Another State

While most attorneys practice in one state, or a couple of states if their practice is near the border, it’s common that a case will require documents to be served to a witness or defendant across state lines. Whether the defendant moved, the case was moved, or that person has…

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Can I Ignore a Subpoena?

If you’ve been paying attention at all to the news lately, you’ve likely heard a lot about subpoenas.  With one count of the Articles of Impeachment dealing with Contempt of Congress for the administration’s ignoring Congressional subpoenas to former Vice President Joe Biden saying he might ignore a subpoena if…

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