Offering Same Day Process Service to Baltimore, MD

You need to get legal documents served as quickly as possible so your case can proceed as it should. You could send the papers to the local authorities, hoping they have enough time to do it for you. But law enforcement agencies are overloaded with work, meaning your service of process is really far down on their priority list. Instead of putting the fate of your case at risk, trust the professional process servers at Torri’s Legal Services for same-day process service in Baltimore, Maryland, and beyond!

Types of Papers We Serve

At Torri’s Legal Services, we help move your case forward by serving a variety of legal papers.

Some types of papers we serve include:

Regardless of whether you need service right now or a week from now, we’ve got a team ready and waiting to help you get prompt, professional results. Our service is backed by our satisfaction guarantee, so you know your papers will be served correctly or you get your money back.

We offer rush service for those times when you need something served now, giving you peace of mind!

Why Choose Torri’s Legal Services for Process Service in Baltimore, MD?

For more than three decades, Torri’s Legal Service has offered exceptional service of process to law firms in Baltimore, Maryland, and beyond.

Here are some reasons you should choose us:

  • We deliver what we promise: If we told you we’ll serve a subject, we work hard to make sure we do just that. If we run into any difficulties, we let you know right away and begin coming up with alternative plans.
  • We use innovative solutions: Service of process is much more than just knocking on someone’s door. We’ve served documents through social media, have purchased tickets to an event where we know a subject will be, and have served court orders via text message.
  • We use the latest technology: In order to serve your papers quickly and correctly, we use every resource available, including GPS confirmation of successful service.
  • We can serve anywhere: Whether you need service within Baltimore or you’ve got something that needs to go to another country, we can get it there!
  • We care about the environment: Our offices are mostly paperless. We can provide paper copies if you request them or if the law requires it, but for the most part, our business is digital.
  • We give back: Our community is important to us, and we use our good fortune to give back to those in need. We’ve participated in the B1G1 Initiative for several years, and we support a variety of other local and national causes.

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Ready to Get Your Papers Served in Baltimore, MD? Call Torri!

If you have legal documents you need served in Baltimore, Maryland, trust the team at Torri’s Legal Services to get them served correctly and on time. We can handle as many or as few documents as you need served, and we’ll give you the same level of service each and every time. Call today for a quote!

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